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About Us

Mewstone Marketing believes that successful marketing needs to be based on thorough research of the marketplace, competition, audience and market forces. This provides the basis on which we build relevant and effective strategic and tactical plans, ensuring that our effective and successful marketing campaigns are built on fact rather than fiction.


We provide the tools to enable small businesses to stand out from the crowd and to maximise marketing ROI by utilising the most effective marketing techniques. 

Mewstone Marketing is led by Antonia Joyce, an experienced brand and campaign marketer with strong experience across a broad range of marketing roles including strategic planning, global brand equity and communications management at London ad agencies. 


Many years of marketing experience working on both B2B and B2C brands led to extensive experience in developing fully integrated marketing strategies for UK and multinational brands. Together with her commercial background and excellent communication skills, she is working with her expert team to provide innovative marketing solutions to small businesses in the South West.

“My particular skill is to bring together the experience and the knowledge I've accrued to work out what my clients need to do to develop a watertight marketing operation that delivers sustainable profits. This includes competitive analysis, market segmentation and positioning, brand concepting, how to present their products/services, to getting the right marketing tools in place, to configuring a set of marketing activities to get their name out there”.


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